Cycle Diaries – Changing a Tyre

As you know, we cycle out every day with fresh, healthy, delicious lunches for all of you. But our bikes aren’t always as reliable as our food, and sometimes we get punctures. Here is our founder Eccie (who, if she isn’t in the kitchen is out there on her bike, delivering her meals all around London!) showing you how to change a tyre. (Or at least, she tries to…)

1. Remove anything that has caused the puncture, i.e. the thorn or nail.

2. Loosen the wheel nuts with a spanner on both sides.

3. Remove the wheel.

4. Let out the air.

5. Use a bike key (or in our case, a spoon) to work around the tyre and loosen it from the inner tube.

(So we struggled with our spoons...) But you then just replace with a new tyre and screw it back on to the bike!

Well done Eccie!

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