Lunch delivered to your desk: Fresh and healthy salad boxes, sustainably packaged

The best ideas happen at lunch!

We're creating a communal eating culture that starts with our team and expands into our client network. Simple, healthy food, eaten together, made and delivered with integrity. At the heart of our Kitchen is the family meal, we eat together and it’s the product we deliver to others. Inclusive eating, is where new connections and ideas come from, when we eat together we eat more healthily. We deliver lunch to make eating well more convenient, to give people back their time during the day, so they can fit more into their day.

We know the team lunch is effective and the food we're making is great because it's the starting point for our team and us. Healthy food, eaten together, delivered and made with integrity. It’s time to join our lunch cult.

In 2014 Eccie and Gini Newton started Karma Cans as a hobby that grew into a business. Being both brought up around a love for food Eccie started working as a chef at Petersham Nurseries and multiple kitchens in the South of France. The idea for the company comes from when Ecci was working in Mumbai and noticed that everyone else working in the office had their lunch delivered to them in a tiffin tin. Fresh food made by mothers and wives, travelled all over the city in time for lunch.

That system was the basis for Karma Cans’ use of its own tiffin tins at the beginning, it follows the main message of Karma Cans, that food should be consumed as sustainably as possible. The tiffin’s are re-usable, this means no waste packaging. Our disposable packaging is made from cellulose, rather than plastic, which is from the tough outer walls of plant cells and other recyclable materials. It looks like plastic but it’s completely compostable, it’s also sourced from fast growing eucalyptus plantations in Australia, where it is grown as sustainably as possible. The lunches are delivered by bike, this is to cut down on emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

All our produce is a locally and sustainably sourced as possible. We grow some of our herbs outside our kitchen, we work closely with our suppliers to find sustainable options, in the last 6 months we’ve removed red meat entirely from the menu and created a new veggie only Friday special. We try to avoid overfished and endangered species on the menu, and try to source from closed water loop fish farms. No Tuna Here!

Everything is made on site that morning or the night before. If it’s something we can’t make ourselves (eg: pomegranate molasses) we find a supplier we trust to source it.

All our food comes as a balanced meal, we’re not going to put you on a diet but it’s all healthy, high protein food, which always comes with a full plate of vegetables and salads, most of the carbohydrates we use are slightly alternative, making our food rich in vitamins, low GI, and super healthy. We follow a few simple rules with our food: Balanced food, this means protein, lots of greens, healthy oils and fats and grains, all in perfect proportion.

We have three options per week and a vegetarian special on a Friday. Choice often represents wasted time, energy and resources and with limited choice (except between meat, fish and the veggie options). That’s how you know your food is fresh, prepared by experienced chefs who really care about your lunch.

The Team

Eccie Newton
Founder and Head Chef

Gini Newton
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

The Growers

McKenna Meats

New Spitalfields Market
Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Leleu & Morris
Fresh Fish

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